Four generations of building Idaho

The Schaffner family construction lineage started in the 1930s in Mullan, Idaho when my great-grandfather, Eugenio Miengolarra, moved from Shoshone to Mullan and built one of the town’s first Basque boarding houses. They successfully operated the boarding house until World War II. After the war, Eugenio and his wife, Maria, moved to Boise to join the rest of their children who were returning from the War and were looking for a larger venue than Mullan had to offer.

Following World War II, my grandfather, Frank Schaffner, returned to Boise with his new bride, Benita, where they began to build a family and a business. With that came a need for a new family home which Frank built on Hazel Street in Boise’s historic North End. Many years would go by, he built more homes and later became a Master Mason which would lead him into retirement.

In the late 1970s, my father, Dennis Schaffner, had a desire to improve the Idaho real estate market, so he began remodeling homes. That led to the formation of Schaffner Construction Inc., a new home construction company, in 1988. He was joined by his brother, Gary Schaffner, in 1992. The two brothers began an amazing partnership that would span many decades and would include both residential and commercial development and home construction throughout the Treasure Valley. Gary retired in 2013.

After Gary’s retirement, I joined my father Dennis, and we began the 4th generation of new home construction in Idaho. Dennis retired in 2017, confident in my ability to carry on the well-established and well-respected Schaffner name. Today, Schaffner Homes is proud to continue to offer the very best that you have come to expect from an experienced Idaho building company. With proven procedures and techniques, our homes will continue to give your family the comfort and value that you deserve.

Adam J Schaffner


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